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What Is Direct Primary Care?

We do not bill insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. DPC does not cover catastrophic events like hospitalization, surgery, etc.. Patients are recommended to obtain at least a high deductible insurance plan or healthcare sharing plan for emergencies. DPC is a unique concept when compared to the standard traditional primary care model. 

DPC Membership Fee Options

  • 0-17 Years

    Every month
  • 18-39 Years

    Every month
  • 40-64 Years

    Every month
  • 65+

    Every month


Annual Membership

5% Discount

College Students (w/ Student ID)

Take $10 of monthly membership

Family of 3 or more

5% off total price

Small Business

$59 Regardless Of Age, Minimum 3 Employees To Register. (Enrollment $199 per 5 Individuals. 

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